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Summer Camp 2011: Group Photo

GB-Logo-2015SAVE THE DATE! For the first time, this year you can help support Chamber Music Madness through the Seattle Foundation’s annual giveBIG campaign, on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015. On this one day a year any gifts made through the Seattle Foundation’s website will go further to support our work through additional funds that will come to all of the participating organizations from the “stretch” pool, contributed by a number of large donors. Help us out with a gift in any amount, and your support will go further! Note that corporate matches apply to any gifts made on this day also, so your gift can have even more impact!

Chamber Music Madness is dedicated to the musical and personal development of young people through chamber music. Based in Seattle, Chamber Music Madness serves as a regional center for young string players to explore the brilliant literature created for the string quartet and other chamber works.

Our programs include workshops and summer and day camps. We also offer consultations for music teachers. Our artistic faculty help young people to develop ensemble skills, improve their playing and musicality and grow in confidence. In the process, they become part of an ever-growing community of string players.

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Chamber Music Madness is sponsored in part by 4Culture, the cultural services agency for King County; the Washington State Arts Commission; and the United Way.

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