Education and Inspiration
Chamber Music Madness (CMM) is a nonprofit organization that provides educational and inspirational chamber music experiences for young people from the Pacific Northwest and fosters learning into adulthood. Students learn the art of ensemble playing and performance, and develop an appreciation of the great literature of chamber music. Through this program, students become part of a life-long community of chamber music players.


Life-long Musicians
With focus on musical and personal development through chamber music, students improve their playing and musicality in a collaborative manner designed to foster knowledge and anĀ appreciation of chamber music that students will hold throughout their lives. Through this process, students of all ages enhance their leadership and communication skills.


Expression, Confidence, Collaboration
Our performance environment is positive and joyful, respecting the growth of both the individual and the group. As a result, students become more engaged musicians with their fellow players and audience. We aim to fill the gaps left by traditional classical music programs by urging our students to discover and express themselves through their instruments in a fun, casual atmosphere. Most students thrive in an atmosphere of collaboration.

Managing Director

Virginia Wright. Virginia has a degree in music and a background in systems administration, development and fundraising, and administration/management in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Board of Directors

President: Sharon Wong. Sharon is a technology executive, formerly at Cisco Systems and multiple startups. She plays the cello and piano in multiple chamber music groups.

Vice-President: Ken Williams. Ken is a career technical writer and life-long cellist. He has played in a number of community orchestras in the US and Canada, and is an avid chamber music player.

Secretary: Pam McDonald, MD. Pam is a family practice physician in private practice in Seattle. She is a violinist with the Lake Union Civic Orchestra and an avid chamber music player.

Treasurer: Judy Terreberry. Judy is the Finance Director of Northwest Folklife. She plays violin with the Philharmonia Northwest Orchestra and is an avid chamber music player.

Daniela Grabs: Daniela is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Arzeda Corporation, a firm that engineers novel molecular enzymes and metabolic pathways. She is a violist with the Lake Union Civic Orchestra and an avid chamber music player.


CMM was founded in 2000 by Karen Iglitzin, violinist and educator, formerly with the Philadelphia String Quartet. After years of international performing followed by teaching at Western Washington University, Karen saw a need for a new program to bring collaborative, joyful chamber music education to the youth of the Pacific Northwest. Hundreds of students have participated in CMM programs over the years and many prominent professional musicians are counted among our graduates.