Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do all of the players in my ensemble need to register in order to start coaching?
    Yes – each participant must submit an online registration form and payment for the selected number of coaching sessions. It’s okay for one participant to submit payment for the entire group. Each group member should still register online.
  2. Will our ensemble have the same coach for all of the sessions?
    Yes. The Skyros Quartet will assign coaches based on availability and fit. As the Guild grows, additional professional coaches who espouse the Chamber Music Madness Mission, Vision, and Values may be added to our list of faculty.
  3. How long are coaching sessions and can they be arranged for daytimes, evenings, and weekends?
    Coaching sessions are one hour. We strongly recommend that the ensemble tune, warm up, and have some time to rehearse on their own before the coach arrives. Daytimes, evenings, and weekends are available, by mutual agreement.
  4. What is the timeframe for completing the coaching sessions?
    Coaching sessions must be completed within a 6-month period starting the 1st day of the month after all participants have registered. For example, if all ensemble members register during October, the coaching sessions should be scheduled and completed during November 1st – April 30th.
  5. Is Guild coaching available for a woodwind or brass ensemble?
    At this time, we are accepting string ensembles and mixed ensembles with strings and piano, woodwinds or brass. If there is significant interest, in the future we may open Guild coaching to woodwind or brass ensembles.
  6. What if we have to reschedule a session due to illness or other unexpected problem with one of our members?
    Rescheduling one session is permitted. However, if less than 24-hour notice is given the session is forfeited. We are unable to honor any additional requests for rescheduling of sessions unless there are special circumstances as our coaches have busy schedules which may be negatively impacted.
  7. What if the coach needs to reschedule a session?
    Hopefully this will never happen! But if it does, the coach will arrange a mutually agreeable time for a rescheduled session.
  8. What if we decide that this program is not working out for us and we wish to cancel upcoming sessions? Can we get our prorated fees returned?
    If a mutually satisfactory coaching solution cannot be worked out, we will refund the prorated fee for the unused sessions, but only if an ensemble decides to cancel within a one-week period after their first session. Refunds are not granted beyond that cut-off date, except in special circumstances and on a case-by- case basis.
  9. How will the coach communicate with all of the participants in our ensemble?
    The ensemble should designate a “Contact Person” with whom the coach can communicate by phone, text, or email, as preferred.
  10. Is financial aid or reduced tuition available?
    Not at this time, but as interest grows and more support becomes available for this program, we would like to offer this.
  11. Is there any benefit to the Chamber Music Guild if I were to become a member of ACMP?
    Yes! ACMP, The Chamber Music Network, promotes amateur chamber music playing, offers many resources and services to its members, and also has a grant program for home coaching and workshops. Their annual membership fee is a nominal $25. We encourage all Guild members to join ACMP. CMM has received grant funding for our annual Icicle Creek Adult Chamber Music Retreat weekend from ACMP for which we are very grateful. Website link: