November 6 and November 13, 2021

Love to play chamber music? Never played chamber music but always wanted to? If you are an amateur adult musician or a student musician age 13-24, come and join us for a fun-filled day meeting and playing with other musicians and exploring the wonderful world of chamber music.

  • Stress-free supportive environment
  • Strings & Piano
  • Small ensemble sight-reading sessions
  • Coaching from the Skyros Quartet
  • Come as an individual or with a pre-formed group
  • Students welcome
  • Live performance by the Skyros Quartet

Day of Madness this fall will be offered on TWO Saturdays! We encourage you to sign up for one or both dates. The November 6th workshop opens with an educational talk by the Skyros Quartet. The November 13th workshop includes a performance by the Skyros Quartet. All participants are invited to the Skyros performance on November 13th.

“This is the best workshop of this type I’ve been to. You’ve managed to create such a positive learning environment. I have the opportunity here to challenge myself, and also feel successful and make progress on a piece of music.” – Heather, Feb 2020

This workshop is for string players and pianists with intermediate or more advanced skill level (see below).

Covid-19 vaccination (completed by October 23, 2021) and masks are required for all participants at this workshop. You must present your proof of vaccination for entry to the workshop.

Workshop #1: Saturday, November 6, 2021, 9am – 4:30pm.
Workshop #2: Saturday, November 13, 2021, 9am – 4:30pm.

Haller Lake United Methodist Church
13055 First Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98125

Adults: $95 for one Workshop, $190 for both Workshops
Students (age 13-24): $55 for one Workshop, $110 for both Workshops

Financial aid is available for participants of all ages.

Registration deadline is October 23, 2021

“Camaraderie and coaches were excellent. Enjoyed starting and ending with Skyros. Timing of everything was perfect. Wouldn’t change a thing! – Gwen, Oct 2019

Skill Level Definitions:

Novice: I can read music and have basic technical skills. I am starting to explore chamber music repertoire. I can sight-read simple pieces slowly.

Intermediate: I play with a decent tone. I am comfortable at moderate tempi. I am peripherally aware of other parts. I can sight-read at a moderate tempo but slow down the hard sections.

Advanced: I play with a pleasant tone. I can get back in when lost. I can sight-read near concert tempo, except in difficult technical passages. I am aware of other parts and try to match them.

Expert: I play with a beautiful tone. I can play quickly and cleanly in difficult keys and with key/tempo changes. I am a strong leader. I can sight-read all passages cleanly at concert tempo (except pianists). I have keen awareness of other parts and know exactly how they fit.

Questions?  Please email