ECCHO, under the artistic direction of the Skyros Quartet brings chamber music into the schools as a part of the regular curriculum and at no cost to students. One of CMM’s core beliefs is that studying and playing chamber music is a particularly effective way to learn principles of self-reliance, personal responsibility, and teamwork, while also having lots of fun. As such, it deserves to be in school as an available option for young people.

ECCHO began operation with the 2016 school year, and has been met with great enthusiasm. Currently operating in Washington and Kellogg Middle Schools, and Cleveland, Roosevelt, and Shorecrest High Schools, CMM plans to add at least two new schools to the program in 2017, placing an emphasis on recruiting schools with under-served populations or limited resources available for music programs.
Providing artistic direction, coaching, and specially tailored teaching materials is the Skyros Quartet, a dynamic professional ensemble with experience in working with young musicians. CMM is fortunate to be able to work with an ensemble whose beliefs and goals are so in tune with our own.

If you or your school would like more information on ECCHO, please click this link and contact us.