Dear Friend of Chamber Music Madness,

“This [playing chamber music] is life changing!”

— Day of Madness participant,
first time playing chamber music


When you donate to Chamber Music Madness, you are not just giving money: you are changing lives of students and adults.

The Day of Madness chamber music workshop brings together musicians for a fun-filled day of coached sessions, sight-reading, and classes on rehearsal techniques. Many participants have never played in an ensemble, and all enjoy playing music with new and old friends.

I felt those life-changing moments with my string quartet, when we attended the CMM Adult Weekend Retreat.

We counted together. We played scales together. We debated the character of the piece. We practiced passing leadership to one another. We listened. The improvement of our playing between the start and the end was astounding.

That’s when Sarah said, “What you just did this weekend is a shortened version of what we do with our Tuned In and ECCHO students [CMM student programs].”

When you support CMM programs, you are enabling exceptional and unique programs that teach students skills beyond playing a piece of music together. Musicians learn teamwork, communication, and collaborative leadership within a framework developed by the CMM Artistic Directors, the Skyros Quartet.

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Take a look at our 2019 Annual Report (linked below) to get more detail on our programs.

2019 Annual Report

Your support makes a difference. It’s easy and quick to give, to grow the community of chamber music players of all ages.

Musically Yours,

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Sharon Wong, President, Board of Directors

Help us bring chamber music education to students!

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