In 2011, Seattle cellist Charlotte Byers had the idea that it would be fun to get a group of amateur musicians together to read through some string orchestra repertoire. She recognized that string players rarely have an opportunity to play this material, because orchestras rarely if ever schedule it, since it excludes wind, brass, and percussion players. Charlotte contacted a bunch of her friends, found a venue and someone willing to conduct, and got a group together to read through the Tchaikovsky and Dvorak Serenades for Strings.

From that beginning Premeditated Strings has grown into a full-fledged and popular workshop that meets two or three times a year to spend a day working on often neglected repertoire. Over the years the group has tackled a wide range of works by composers from Biber, Grieg, and Mussorgsky, to Bartok and Schoenberg, as well as a number of new compositions by the group’s regular conductor Dell Wade.

In 2016 Premeditated Strings became an official program of Chamber Music Madness, becoming another of CMM’s offerings for adult musicians.

For information on how to get involved with Premeditated Strings, send us an email.