The Counterpoint Club LogoA podcast all about chamber music!

The Counterpoint Club is a place for anyone with an interest in chamber music to learn about this art form. Whether you are a student of music, a passionate chamber music player or an appreciative listener, through this podcast you’ll discover the fascinating role of chamber music within the larger history of Western classical music, explore rehearsal ideas and performance techniques, and be entertained by fascinating conversations with special guests – all with a dash of frivolity!

Join the Skyros Quartet for this behind-the-scenes look at the thought and process – all the tiny threads that come together – to create the chamber music you so enjoy!

There are over 30 episodes to choose from – or start at the beginning with Opus 1, Episode 1. Here is a peek at the podcast:

The Well-Tempered Quartet, featuring special guest John Largess, cellist with the Miro Quartet (Opus 1, Episode 3)

Got Folk?!, featuring Northwest Celtic band, The Gothard Sisters (Opus 2, Episode 1)

How to Train Your String Quartet, with guest artists Annie Fullard of the Cavani String Quartet and James Dunham of the former Cleveland String Quartet (Opus 2, Episode 4)

Transfigured Night, with guest artists The Lafayette String Quartet (Opus 3, Episode 3)

We are pleased to announce The Counterpoint Classroom! This free resource is designed to help orchestra, band, choir, and private music teachers integrate the podcast into their virtual studio or classroom settings. It is an exciting addition to our podcast companion website, The Counterpoint Club, where blog posts and full interview Encore episodes expand on the content of the podcast.