The Counterpoint Club LogoWelcome to The Counterpoint Club,
a chamber music podcast!

Join the Skyros Quartet and explore chamber music history, rehearsal ideas, performance techniques, and conversations with special guests – all with a dash of frivolity!

With the Covid-19 pandemic persisting over the summer of 2020 and out of concern for the health and safety of our student and adult musicians, we’ve taken this opportunity to create a completely new online program. Originally envisioned as a virtual replacement for the Tuned In! Summer Student Festival, The Counterpoint Club is a place for anyone with an interest in discovering and exploring the fascinating role of chamber music within the larger history of Western classical music. We envision The Counterpoint Club as a wonderful gathering place for chamber music students, adult musicians, and music aficionados alike!

Our debut season, Opus 1, features five episodes covering broad themes. Think of this as a behind-the- scenes look at the process of making music in a chamber music setting – a small ensemble without a conductor – all the tiny threads that come together to create a final performance of the music you so enjoy!

The Counterpoint Club is hosted by the Skyros Quartet, Artistic Director of Chamber Music Madness. Skyros musicians Sarah Pizzichemi, Brandon Vance, Justin Kurys, and Willie Braun bring their individual voices, ideas, music, and knowledge together to share this podcast with you.

Available now: Opus 1 Episodes 1-5 & Opus 2 Episodes 1-5, plus Encore interviews